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Researching and Writing

Consulting: What I Offer and My Key Values

With every client I agree to work with, I am focused on their specific needs.

My key values are clarity, commitment  and value for investment.


Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in mainstream, specialist and independent educational settings internationally, I can provide a range of consultation services to enable clients to achieve successful outcomes. 


The format for this is dependent on each individual project, with a bespoke plan devised through detailed discussions.


The consultancy process varies in duration, with some projects being short-term, whilst others are a longer-term relationship.


Key areas of focus: learning differences/ delays 


Exemplar Formats


  • Review of website content for companies launching into the early years’/ primary  sector: Recommendations, relevant research and collaborative links 

  • On-going  input  and support for companies and other organisations  in the design and content of continuing professional development programmes for country specific markets 

  • Acting as the advisory consultant to companies adapting their current products/ training for those working with learning differences

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