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For the last 8 years, Mary Mountstephen has been increasingly involved in writing articles and books about barriers to learning and in working with schools and organizations internationally. She is an associate editor of SEN Magazine and writes for several early years publications.

Mary is known for her practical and easy to read writing style and for her training and workshops.

Traditional Library
Sample Articles

A Floor-Based Movement Approach to Learning Concerns: International School 2017

Physical Development and Learning Difference: Special Children Issue 234

ADHD and Motor Interventions: SEN Magazine Issue 99

Rhythm, Tempo and Enhanced Academic Performance : Dyslexia Association of Singapore 2018

Fascinating Rhythm: How Rhythmic Exercises Can Engage Pupils and Improve Academic Performance: SEN Magazine Issue 92

Early Markers Markers of Executive Functions and Their Relation to Dyslexia: Cross Patterns and Level of Initial Activation: Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences Vol. 6 (1) 2019

(Co-authored with Crispiani, P. & Palmieri , E. )

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