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Mary Mountstephen has presented to a broad spectrum of professional bodies and associations, as well as to local community groups, parent support groups and college students. She is equally at home presenting to large international conventions in person, or via live links as well as raising awareness at more informal gatherings. 




Comments following a presentation to international P.E. Teachers’ Convention:  ‘Cognitive-Motor Approaches to Learning in Early Years and Primary Settings'

  • ‘As a P.E. teacher, I liked the way the presentation made me more aware of how we can help kids learn better.’


Comments from Twilight Presentation to local authority special school:

  • ‘Thank you for a really interesting talk about how children develop in the early years and what to look for as early signs of dyslexia and other learning differences.’ 

  • ‘ Great presentation for all our staff: They appreciated that you gave them a range of follow up resources as well’. 


Comments from a primary school parent support group:

  • ‘I now understand a lot more about why the school will be  using the Move to Learn programme in school: Mary answered  our  questions very clearly’.

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