Training programmes are currently under revision to enable their delivery on-line.


Move to Learn: Ten Gems for the Brain: A structured 10 step, floor-based movement approach to developing cognitive-motor skills.

This course is a blend of theory and practical work that introduces the participant to a simple to implement daily programme that can be used with individuals, groups and classes of children from the age of three upwards, with adaptations for younger children.

Duration: 5 hours

Cost: £250.00


Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD: Support for Music Teachers Through the MASTER system.


Mary Mountstephen devised this popular course from part of her work at doctoral level. It provides music teachers and others working with children with an understanding of these learning differences and research-led strategies to support their understanding of diverse ways of learning.

Duration: 5 hours

Cost: £250


Toe By Toe: A Highly Structured Multi-Sensory Approach to Reading


Toe By Toe has a well-established reputation as a highly successful intervention for struggling readers. 

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: £150.00